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7 Unexpected Spots in the Kitchen You Need to Clean Before a Showing

Feb - 21 | | No comments. | Blog, Karla Elcock, Pinawa Listings, pinawahomesfor sale, Pinawarealestate, Realtors, Residential

In the eyes of a buyer, the kitchen can make or break the potential of a property.  So, do what you can to make yours shine.  Beside giving your kitchen the usual scrub down, take some extra time to clean up these spots that we sometimes forget but the potential buyers won’t.



If the appliances are included, make sure they’re in tip top shape.  Scrub that stove so it shines, don’t forget to replace the under element pans.  Make sure the inside of your oven is nice and clean too.  People will open the door and take a look inside almost every time.


The Fridge

Inside, outside, over, under …the fridge is important.  Lookers almost always open the fridge if its’ included with the house.  Most of the time we’re a little frightened to look under the fridge but nows the time to be brave and really clean between the fridge, the counter and the floor.


Under The Sink

A whole array of people are about to come through your house, and while some may focus on your brilliant paint color choice, others will be making sure the under sink plumbing is in order.  So, wipe away the cobwebs, clean up the spray bottles, wipe down the whole inside, including the inside of the doors….especially if this is where your kitchen garbage can is.


Kitchen Taps

Get any gunk from around you kitchen faucet.  Use an old toothbrush to scrub it clean and then wipe everything down with Windex or rubbing alcohol to erase any fingerprints or residue.


The Most Dusty Place in the Kitchen

If you don’t have floor to ceiling cabinets, that gap between the top of the cupboards and the ceiling is primed for dust collection.  While you can’t see it easily from the floor, you may notice dust bunnies  on any of your décor up there.  This is one of those…Wow, I didn’t know it was dirty until I cleaned it spots.


Backsplash Grout

Ah, grout, the humble silent star of any backsplash….that is, until flecks of hot food fly at it or water gets splashed on it and mould begins to grow on it.  Bring it back to it’s former glory with a homemade baking soda and water past and spray bottle filled with a vinegar and water solution.


Handle the Cabinet Handles

Most of us don’t see even notice in our own homes…Cabinet Handles that need a cleaning. From greasy bakers hands to little jam smeared hands the whole family pulls, yanks and tugs at those bad boys all day long.  Give them a solid disinfecting wipe down before any potential buyers begin to check out your cabinets.  Maybe even a polish depending on what material they are.

It may take some extra time, but a little extra care to present the best side of your kitchen now can really pay off when the offer comes.

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