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A Pinawa Christmas Story

Nov - 27 | | No comments. | Al Shrupka, Blog, Karla Elcock, pinawahomesfor sale, Pinawarealestate, retireinpinawa


Once upon a time there was a picturesque, small town.  An idyllic little place tucked away in a forest and almost completely surrounded by a beautiful shoreline with clear, fish filled waters.  Many people loved to fish and swim and spend lazy days on their boats soaking up the sunshine.  There were plenty of things to do to keep the townsfolk busy in the other seasons as well, but besides all of that breathtaking, natural beauty, one of the best things about this little town were the people that lived there. 

Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it?  Like at any moment 7 little bearded guys will appear and begin to whistle while they work….on the Ironwood Trail.  Nevertheless, this is a true story. It’s the story of Pinawa, Manitoba, also known as The Little Town That Could.

I like to promote what I love and that is part of the reason why I love my job so much, I get to sell our beautiful Pinawa and help make others love it as much as I do.

This past Friday afternoon I met with a couple who are trying very hard to make Pinawa their home.  It’s taking some time, but we’re going to make it happen…because they also love Pinawa and they want our lifestyle.  They’re super friendly, they’ve already met some people here and they are going to be a wonderful addition.  While chatting with them, I invited them to come to Pinawa next weekend (Saturday, December 3rd) to attend the craft sale, watch the Santa Parade and be here for the town’s Christmas Tree lighting.  I started getting pretty excited…in fact, it was like I got hit with the Christmas spirit right then and there.  Up until that moment, I wasn’t really feeling it.  The new folks and I seemed to feed off each others  enthusiasm for all things Pinawawesome and as I drove away, I found myself smiling and I wanted to go home and bake Christmas cookies, or put up the tree!!  I also got to thinking how grateful I am…and how we all should be, for the group of young people who call themselves The Pinawa’s Christmas Committee.  Here’s where the ‘best things about this little town were the people that lived there’  part comes in.

From the day that this town was created, there has been amazing and wonderful people willing to give their time and energy to work together to make Pinawa even better!  Some of those people are still at it.  As years go on, the numbers tend to wane but there has always been an ebb and flow effect, and more people, either new to town or Pinawa kids that have grown up, step in to carry on the volunteer traditions.

The Pinawa Christmas Committee was started by a now grown up ‘Pinawa Kid’, Madison Backer, who has been a volunteering soul for as long as she’s been old enough to.  She comes by it honestly, she’s a third generation Pinawa Volunteer.  She rallied a group of young women together, a lot of them fairly new to Pinawa, and now we have a new group of dedicated Pinawanians who are giving of a lot of their free time working to make Christmas in Pinawa a magical time.  The committee is also working with other groups and their Christmas traditions so that together they enhance these already wonderful events and make them even more enjoyable for the whole community.  This is no simple feat, there are all kinds of things on the go.  Oh….and lets not forget New Years Eve.  The Thursday Night Hockey League is putting on a New Years Eve Social!  Now we can get together and bring in 2017 nice and close to home with our friends and neighbors.  The tickets are $20.  There will be a DJ and a Live Band, called the G Strings.  There will be a late lunch served, one big 50/50 draw and more.  To keep us all safe, there are volunteer designated drivers for the evening too.  Doesn’t get much better than that!




To our new soon to be Pinawanians….D and T, I hope you’re reading this and can make it next weekend to hang out with us in Pinawa.  Everyone will be so nice to you, the town will be all lit up and magical and I’m sure you’ll really enjoy yourselves. 

Thank you to everyone who spends their time volunteering in Pinawa! What a blessing it is to have some many ambassadors for our town.

And so…. Though the little town had faced many challenges over the years, the wonderful people faced them together with strength, fierce determination and the belief that anything is possible if they worked together.  The rewards of living there were infinite. There is no end to this story.       

believes-fb-header    Thanks for Reading.  K




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