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DON’T TOSS IT AWAY How to Make Old Furniture Look New Again

Give Some New Life to Your Old Stuff
Here is an article that I found on a RE/MAX Facebook site that I follow.  The article is written by Gabrielle Savoie. 

Biggest Mistake a Seller Can Make

Most people that are thinking of selling, have already done some market research of their own.
Some people really want the input of their Realtor® on how to price ...

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Transition into a New Home

Article from RE/

Let’s face it, moving is hard for everyone — big moves bring up all sorts of feelings, from stress to uncertainty, and excitement. ...

WOW, I’m Old Enough to Live at the Ironwood!

What??  It hit me like a brick in the side of the head.
I don’t feel that old…I still have kids in ...

Origin of Mother’s Day is Weirder than you Think

It’s the day to celebrate Moms.  Social media is full of pictures of people with their Moms, tributes to Moms that are no longer here, cute photos of the precious gifts made for Mom ...

Six Things Pinawa Does Not Have

Is It A Big Deal? I think so.
So, you’ve discovered the secret!  Pinawa.  Also known as ‘Paradise’ to most of us who live here.  An almost magical place ...

Dancing Gabe Coming to Pinawa!

Super Fan, Dancing Gabe In Pinawa June 20th
At The 6th Annual Pinawa Invitational Golf Tournament

The Pinawa Invitational Golf Tournament Committee is pleased to announce that ...

7 Organization Tips for a More Functional Garage

Is your garage so packed with bikes, tools and unmarked boxes of junk that you’re forced to park in the driveway? Here are some tips to rein ...

Confessions of a Fad Follower

My Name is Karla Elcock and I’m a Fad Follower
I watch for the latest trends and fads and I try to keep up.  Kind of ...

The Pinawa Hospital Doctor and Staff

A Reminder of How Lucky We Are
I feel the need as a Pinawanian to share a little story of how we spent our Spring Break. Both our youngest kids were ill, one after ...