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First Time Home Buyers

buy-houseLately your RE/MAX team have been focusing on guiding renters through the buying process. The following article comes to you from Candyce Amos, Mortgage Professional at Invis Inc and is excellent advise for renters wishing to purchase their first home.

Candyce Amos, Mortgage Professional at Invis Inc

Candyce Amos, Mortgage Professional at Invis Inc


First time Home Buyers Shouldn’t Worry

Talk about mixed messages. There’s concern that the new  mortgage rules might push first-time homebuyers out of the market. But  mortgages are still a pretty amazing bargain – historically speaking. In fact,  some are calling it the great Canadian mortgage sale. So what’s a first-time  homebuyer to do? Is buying a home right now a reckless risk… or a great,  time-limited opportunity?

Home ownership can make great financial sense. Over the long  term, residential real estate has been a very strong asset – showing excellent  appreciation. Renters who add up what they’ve shelled out during their renting  years are often shocked to see how much mortgage help they’ve given their  landlord. Most would prefer to have that money build their own home equity.

If you’re dreaming of a home of your own, then there’s good  news. Getting into today’s housing market isn’t out of the question if you do  some good common-sense planning.

It happens: you fall in love with a home that seems perfect,  but it is way outside your possible price range. Before you go looking at homes  you need to run the numbers. Get some professional guidance – there’s more to  home ownership than a mortgage payment – and determine exactly what you can  comfortably afford.

You also want to get the most from your mortgage – now and  in the years to come. That is exactly why you need to consult with a  professional independent mortgage broker who will work with you to find  solutions that suit your needs. You also want to consult a realtor that can help  you determine your buyer power as well as assist you in the home selection  process by providing objective information about each property.  A realtor has many resources available to  assist you in your home search.

For your pre-approval or any mortgage information, please  contact:

Candyce Amos, AMP
Mortgage Specialist INVIS Inc.
2310 Pembina Highway Winnipeg,
MB R3T 2H3 Tel: 204-781-9888 Fax: 888-467-9240”>



Finance your new (and beautiful!) home with Sunova Credit Union

We offer a variety of mortgage options that can be personalized to fit your ideal budget and financial plan. Have a big down payment saved up (like 20% big)? We have a mortgage for that. Looking to get some cash back to furnish your new home? We have a mortgage for that too. And yes, we also have high ratio mortgages for those with a lower down payment saved up (as low as 5% will suffice!).

Contact our Pinawa branch today to get the ball rolling on your new home purchase!

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